Design your Master Bedroom for a goodnight sleep

How to Treat Sleep Disorders

Sleep is an automatic and persistent state of body and mind,characterized by decreased awareness,decreased muscle activity,decreased muscular activity,reduced sensations and voluntary motor activities during sleep,and decreased interactions with the external environment. It is importantto have a good sleeping environment including a good master bedroom design.

This article focuses on the common sleep disorders,symptoms and their treatment.

The most common sleep disorder is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when the individual’s breathing becomes abnormal during sleep. It leads to the slowing down of breathing,the collapse of the airway,and therefore to partial or total blockage of the respiratory tract. If left untreated,sleep apnea can lead to other severe problems like heart failure,cardiovascular disease and death.

Some of the common symptoms of sleep apnea are daytime sleepiness or fatigue,restless night,dry mouth or hives,feeling sleepy all the time,and frequent urination during sleep. Some symptoms can be noticed even before the symptoms occur,which can be a cue for doctors to take more serious actions like an overnight sleep study in order to diagnose the disorder.

Restless legs syndrome (RLS)

Another sleep disorder is restless legs syndrome (RLS). In this disorder,the legs feel stiff or heavy throughout the day. It starts as a mild nuisance,but as the days go by,the problem gets worse. This problem is associated with muscular fatigue and the lack of energy. A sleep study will usually reveal that the patient has RLS. Treatment may include some lifestyle changes. To read more go to

Sleepiness and drowsiness are another common sleeping disorder. They occur mostly in the mornings and affect a person’s moods and quality of life. The main causes of this type of sleep problem are the reduction in the amount of sleep the body needs or the lack of sleep due to medical reasons. The most common cause of a drowsy condition is to take sleeping pills.

Some other sleep problems are:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea,Narcolepsy,and Sleepwalking. Obstructive Sleep Apnea can lead to daytime sleepiness or fatigue. Narcolepsy involves excessive sleepiness in both sleeping and waking periods. Sleepwalking is also defined as habitual falling asleep on one’s feereatments available for sleep problems.

Some are medical while others are behavioral,such as,relaxation techniques,meditation and biofeedback.

For physical health,some of the most common ailments related to sleep include neck stiffness,headache,poor circulation,poor memory problems,pain in the lower back,chest,shoulder and neck,irritability and mood swings. If your sleep is interrupted,your body system requires rest. You need a good night’s rest to recuperate after a hectic and stressful day. To read more go to

Do not hesitate to seek help if you think that you have sleep disorder. If left untreated,it can lead to serious health complications.