Tip of the Week Archive

   It’s been 5 weeks since my last tennis tip post. It seems the holidays and the
colder weather has made me even more lazy than productive. Instead of giving a
tennis tip this time, I thought I would just share some of my thoughts a this time of

   For business owners like myself, the Christmas season means increased sales.
Although I don’t see an increase in sales this season, I still get caught up in
trying to market and sell myself even more during this time to make ends meet.
   Sometimes the holiday season gets us so busy we don’t have time for the
things that matter to us deeply. It’s during this time that I need to take a step back
and see to it that my time is spent on my priorities. My personal priorities have always
         1- My relationship with GOD
         2- My relationship with my wife
         3- My relationships with my family
         4- My tennis
   Since we live in a society that wants to eliminate God from Christmas, I have to put
a concerted effort to see that God not only stays in Christmas but in my life as well.
   Trying to attend several family gatherings over the holidays has shown me that I
must also slow down and enjoy the relationship. It’s the quality of time spent with
family not the quantity. Of course, you can’t have quality time if you don’t
make the effort to be with your family at Christmas.
   I treasure the time I spend with my family during the holidays. We share our lives,
our ups and downs, our joys as well as our sorrows. Sometimes the gifts get in the
way of what the Christmas season means to me. For me it needs to be less about
exchanging gifts and more about exchanging our lives. Sharing, talking, loving each
other as family. The gifts will be long forgotten but the treasures we store in our
hearts will remain with us for ever.
   I want to wish you, your family and your loved ones the very best of times this
Christmas. May the joy of Christ fill your season with love.

Doug Hofer                           December 22, 2004